Our Vision

A Society with Equal Rights and Opportunities.

Our Mission

Empowering Women, Widows, Youths and Caregivers to improve their living condition and status, integrated status

Core Values

Transparency, Accountability, Honesty, Capacity Building, Mutual Respect, Gender Equality and Teamwork


Promoting the right of women, girls and enhancing their economic growth & leadership

Our Objectives

To work to protect women and girls from violence, create opportunities for economic independence and decision making.

To create awareness on Peace Building and conflict resolution

To facilitate training for community women & youth groups on inclusive leadership and to mitigate the issues of Gender Based Violence

To empower Households and Caregivers on economic and small skills development

To train and advice women and youth on matters of Human Rights and Civil participation.

Our Core Values

Women Empowerment
Mutual Respect
Respect for Human Rights

Our Intervention Area

Sexual and Gender Based Violence: Mitigate incidences of rape and other domestic Violence on women and girls, provide services for SGBV survivors and justice served on the perpetrators.

Economic Empowerment: Improved economic wellbeing and social status of women in project communities in the North-East geo-political zone of Nigeria.

Governance: Promote women participation in electoral positions and governance, advocate and lobby for Women inclusion in Legislation and Leadership.

Peace Building and Conflict Resolution: Mobilize and maintain support for involvement of women in peace building and conflict resolution in the community.

Civic Education on Electoral participation processes and procedures

Education: Improve education and social status of women, children and girls in project communities


Peace Direct
Peace Direct