Archives November 2021

Message from the Executive Director – ASHHF

ASHHF addresses Gender Based Violence, poverty reduction, Peace building, Health and nutrition and women empowerment. We engage with the most vulnerable in the society who are at the receiving end of inequality and injustices. ASHHF considers grass root intervention as crucial because while we commend government’s efforts at providing infrastructure, reducing unemployment, creating more opportunities for youths and women development, it is common knowledge that Nigeria continues to remain a focal reference for poverty, injustice and insecurity in the world today.

Though ASHHF has made significant impact on communities and people we work with, and we shall remain a formidable force in our resolve to fight Gender Based Violence and promotion of women empowerment and peace building. This is possible when there is a healthy mix of investment in women and social development. ASHHF will not relent in encouraging citizens participation at various levels of governance, especially in demanding accountability.

Amb. Comfort Attah

Message from the Board Chairman – ASHHF

Attah Sisters Helping Hand Foundation (ASHHF) set out 10 years ago with a determination to fight for women’s rights, and empowerment by eliminating all forms of injustices targeted towards women and girls. Over the years, ASHHF has built resilience and has been part of the move for a more sustainable world. Our journey is characterized by willingness to learn always, by confronting every challenge with a possibility mind set “the we can do it spirit”We esteem highly the place of partnership and through effective synergy , we have shaped our world by learning to adapt and to recognize the moments of change and maximize same.

ASHHF is one of the leading CSOs on Gender Based Violence in Bauchi State. We are currently working in 20 LGAs of Bauchi state to deliver on our commitments. Our interventions have impacted and thousands of women and Girls in , both in rural and urban communities of Bauchi. Our success stories have impacted the lives of women, girls and communities, through creating awareness on SGBV and has reduced the rate of impunity towards SGBV in general as well as emboldened victims of SGBV to speak out , while putting security and regulatory agencies on their toes towards ensuring justice for Victims.

Bishop Isaac O Crown