Attah Sisters Helping Hand Foundation (ASHH FOUNDATION) is a non-governmental organization in Bauchi State Nigeria working in the areas of Women’s Rights, Women Empowerment, Education, Peacebuilding and Conflict resolution.

ASHH Foundation Institute is implementing a Bullying and Peace Building Program designed to train and equip Trainers with knowledge and skill on Bully and Peace Building in other to train Pupils/Students in schools. Bully is causing emotional harm to children in our society, this program aims to reduce school bullying and victimization, promote strategies to support victims, support children’s self-efficacy to use those strategies and to improve peer relations and make schools safe and positive places for students to learn and develop themselves.

We are calling on CSOs/NGOs/CBOs within Bauchi State to send in their proposal/concept note on how they will address this issue this problem with a soft budget of between N100,000 – N500,000.

Organizations are expected to:

  1. Establish 3 Peace Clubs in 3 different Schools
  2. Train 15 Trainers within 3 months
  3. Conduct training sessions will be conducted in ASHH FOUNDATION Institute
  4. Teach in Hausa or English completely (if you are teaching Hausa, the teaching should only be in Hausa, if English, then only English should be used)
  5. Send 3 minutes video of training sessions during reporting

You are to send in you concept notes, budget and workplan on or before 25th January, 2022.


  1. Only selected organizations will be contacted

Send your Concepts Notes and Budget to, Copy:

Attached below is the Concept Note and Budget template.